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>> ABOUT <<

Tetsu Kayama   Born in 1982, live in Berlin. Freelance designer/programmer/director. Making comic and computer game. If you want to request something, mail me. I reply within 3 days ordinaly.

This website started in 1998-07-03.

career   Shinshu university(BS/biology, 2004.3)
Kobe university(graduate school of medicine, 2004.4-2005.3)
"Japan media arts festival" :selected in 2013 (comic "Faust")
"International Comics Festival of Angoulême" :nominated in 2017 (comic "Mindkuwait")

2003 "Outline of genesis" comic book
2006 "Wisdom antlion" comic book
2010 "Interest 99F" game for celler phone
2012 "Red-brue 3D ghosts" 3D photograph exhibition at Shikaku(Osaka)
2010 "Interest 20F" smartphone game
2014 "Faust 1" comic book
2016 "Mindkuwait" comic book
2017 "Liquid silver" painting exhibition at Mograg gallery(Tokyo)


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